TV Appraisers Show - Ben Nef

Cruise across America with THE APPRAISERS, in search of rare, cool, classic, and super sexy automotive dreams. Featuring Tom Cox - the Classic Car Guy, Chris Ritter - the Car Geek, and Ben Nef - the Vegas High Roller, each episode showcases new finds for the auto enthusiast world, and the excitement builds as the appraisers reveal how much each owner's pride and joy is worth. Don't miss a beat! Antiques, classics, muscle, luxury and exotic cars, old trucks, motorcycles and automotive memorabilia - THE APPRAISERS has it all!

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Rev'n - Friday nights at 9 PM EST
Encores - Saturdays: 12 AM; 8:30 PM; 11:30 PM ET
Heartland TV - Friday nights at 8 PM EST