1966 Shelby Cobra CSX Everett Morrison Cobra


8 Cylinder
Red / White
Red / Tan
Stock No:
Cobra CSX
Located in:
Whole Lotta Go!
Holy smokes! Check this thing out. If this isn't 2000 lbs of pure adrenaline, I don't know what is! This is a 1966 Shelby Everatt Morrison Cobra, with a Chevy 502 big block. That oughta get it done! I'm thinking with that many ponies in a little bitty car, the only way you could launch faster, would be out of a catapult. I wouldn't suggest tossing the keys to just anyone either. You gotta have mad driving skills to handle this one. If you're up for the challenge, we'll get you strapped in for just $44,900.
This is our 1966 Shelby Everett Morrison Cobra finished in stunning Race Red complemented by a Tan interior. Only 5,845 miles! 

"The Generation IV  Cobra Replica is produced as a finished, ready to drive automobile. Everett Morrison is recognized worldwide on the World Manufacturers Index as an OEM Manufacturer. Also available in a ready to assemble it is available in three phases titled “Phase 1″, “Phase 2″, and “Phase 3". When all three phases are purchased together, they include everything required for a drivable vehicle except for wheels, tires, engine and paint.

In addition to these three phases, we offer a line of optional components, that may be added as desired. Examples of optional components would be passenger roll bar, anti-lock brakes, Audio/Nav system, console, etc.

The Generation IV Cobra Replica may be selected in such a way to order anything from a rolling chassis, to an advanced assembled kit.

Over the past 50 years, E-M has built Replica automobiles on three wheelbases, the original 90″ along with a 93″ and a 96″. The 90″ cars are replicas of the LeMans winning car of 1964 and is generally cramped for drivers over 6 feet in height. The main problem with the original design is really the sidepipes. The way they exit the body just forward of the footboxes causes the loss of about 4″ of potential legroom.

The Generation IV solution to this problem is to reposition the pedals forward about an inch, combined with lengthening the wheelbase 3″ to a 93″ wheelbase. The lengthening has been done in the door, which is also an advantage because people over 200 lbs frequently find the 90″ wheelbase door is too short to easily get in and out. But the shape of the door has been very carefully maintained so that the overall look and proportions of the car are not noticeably changed." - https://everett-morrison.com/

Other options include:
-Fuel Injected Chevrolet 502
-ACCEL 1000 CFM Throttle Body
-Eagle Alloy Wheels
-Pro Street Valve Covers
-Chrome Side Pipes
-R.J.S. Racing Harness's
-Fire Extinguisher
-Chrome Front and Rear Bumpers
-Custom Leather Seats
-Custom Leather Dash
-Carpeted Trunk
-Pioneer Head Unit
-Alpine Amplifier
-Cobra Floor Mats