1992 Ferrari F40


8 Cylinder
Black / Red
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Fun Money!
Now what we have here, is the legendary 1992 Ferrari F40. Not only was it the first production car to break the 200-MPH barrier, it's still considered to be one of the most exotic cars to ever hit the streets! With the 478-HP V8, twin turbos, and the only traction control being your throttle foot, if you can drive this one to it's full potential, you can drive anything! It came from an era when air bags and power steering, were considered unnecessary weight. Well, you won't even find so much as a radio, or metal door handles in this thing! It was built with only one thing in mind, speed, and lots of it! Not to mention, like all of the collector Ferraris, these are rocketing up in value. I'd say money in the garage is safer than wall street! There were only 1,315 built and they seldom change hands. If you want this one, you better act fast.
Vehicle Description
The iconic Ferrari F40 will go down in history as one of the most desirable and collectible Ferrari's of all time! This Italian fire breathing twin turbo 32 valve V8 producing 478 horsepower at 7000 RPM. The sound it emits is pure magic and rivals that of an F-1 car! 

Ferrari officially stated that 213 TIPO U.S.A versions were produced with just 56 1992's landing on U.S. shores, making this on of the most desirable F40's available for sale today! 

Sold new June 1992 at Hollywood Sportscars in California. This F40 has led a sheltered and coveted life. It's condition is the likes rarely seen in today's collector market. Opening the door is the equivalent of opening a time capsule from 1992! 

Ferrari Classiche certification was completed 11-03-2015 confirming its originality. 

The original factory window sticker, books and tools will convey along with extensive service history and ownership documents. This F40 is one for a discriminating buyer in search of the holy grail. If you are adding a F40 to your collection you must see this car!