1997 Porsche 911 Turbo


6 Cylinder
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911 Turbo
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Now it's a well known fact, Porsche are made to be driven, and drivers love to drive them. Well, here is a 1997 Porsche Turbo, which has yet to meet it's true calling. Would you believe for nearly two decades, someone has kept this locked in a garage, rarely to see the light of day!? I know right? It's embarrassing! It barely has 22K on the clock. That's no way to treat a Porsche! The good news is, you can rescue it for just $179,900.
Vehicle Description
This is our 1997 Porsche 911 Turbo, finished in Black over a Black interior! Only 22,386 miles! Driven with more respect for authority, the 911 Turbo is still a bigger thrill than rickety roller coasters, sword swallowing, and bungee jumping, combined. Boost lag is a thing of hazy memory, as this engine delivers enough torque to pull well in sixth gear from as low as 2500 rpm. Once the tach needle swings past 3500 rpm, grab your religious icon of choice and hang on for dear life-it’s like opening the floodgates of torque! The car is unbelievably stable, even in tight downhill, off-camber corners. There’s little initial push, and rear breakaway is shockingly gradual. This is the most confident-handling production 911 ever! In conclusion, the steering is perfect, the seating position is right on, and the high-rpm engine din only makes you crave for more.

Only 612 of these made! 
Last year for the air-cooled Turbo Porsche! 
Major service completed 300 miles ago! 

-Turbo S Front and Rear Spoilers 
-Black Top
-Black Leather Interior
-Dark Rootwood Dash/Door Panels
-Dark Rootwood Shifter/Brake
-Self-Dim Mirrors
-Heated Front Seats Package 
-Full Power Seat Package, Drivers and Passenger 
-Tourist Delivery Preparation
-Footwell Lighting
-Metal Door Sill Model Insignia 
-Lumbar Support-Left Seat
-6-Disc CD Changer 

Complete with books, and 2 keys.