1994 Lamborghini Diablo VT


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Diablo VT
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Now, it's no secret that I'm a huge fan of anything Lamborghini. Although, the Diablo is one of my personal favorites. Not only will it do 202-MPH, the big V-Twelve puts out an exhaust note, which will send joggers running for the bushes! Not to mention, they've became highly collectible, so you can run it like a rented mule, and not lose your shirt when it comes time to sell it. The best part is, you can call this 1994 Diablo your own for just $159,995.

The Diablo has cemented its' place in Lamborghini lore. Its' 5.7 L V12 producing 492 hp is as impressive now as it was in 1994. The styling is timeless and has helped Diablos become the investment they are today. This capable 202 mph car could be part of your collection or driven on the weekend for fun, the choice is yours and what a great decision to make. The deep black paint is in excellent condition and the seats are extremely well cared for and show very little sign of wear. This VT model features what was to become a Lamborghini staple on its' flagship car, ALL-Wheel drive. Introduced in 1993 the all wheel drive system was adapted from the LM002 and allows up to 25% of the car's power to be sent to the front wheels improving handling significantly over the rear drive version. We are in possession of the original leather bound owner's manual of this former celebrity owned car, tool kit and even the original window sticker featuring the cars 3 options: Seat piping, CD player and Rear wing. The new owner will not be disappointed.